Back Office Management

UPA combines staffing with knowhow and technology to help with both residential and commercial collection activities. UPA provides support with collection reporting and analytics, collections agency administration, outbound collections/reminder calls, disconnects and reconnects. UPA processes, technology and methodology helps to maximize the value of every dollar spent on collections. Statistically understanding customers and the predictive payment patterns optimizes collections effectiveness at lower costs. UPA can manage vendors under one all-encompassing umbrella, helping to provide Utilities with consolidated reporting and analytics to help manage resources seamlessly and transparently.

Collections / AR Management

Back Office Administration

  • Phase 1 collections

  • Payment arrangements

  • 3rd Party collections and payment arrangements

  • Fraud investigations

  • Friendly reminder calls

  • Account reconciliation

  • Order processing

  • Unique billing issues analysis

  • Account maintenance

  • Pattern analysis

  • Collections

  • Program analysis