Todd Stone

President and Founder

Todd founded Utility Partners of America (UPA) in 1997.  An experienced leader and Marine, Todd has a passion for service and people. Todd built UPA from the ground up to deliver comprehensive and scalable utility solutions throughout North America.

Lee Schwartz

Lee Schwartz


Lee joined UPA in 2010.  Prior to UPA, Lee was the COO of ThinkEco, a New York based leading provider of cloud-based energy efficiency and demand response solutions for residential and commercial applications.  Lee also served as the COO of Affinity Direct, the 3rd largest federal student loan consolidation company in the nation, which employed over 300 people and consolidated in excess of $5.5 billion of federal student loans.


Jack Karamanoukian

Chief Technical Officer

Jack serves as UPA’s Chief Technical Officer, responsible for directing UPA’s technology strategy and vision.  Jack is a graduate of Rutgers University and began his career in IT staffing.   For the past 8 years, Jack has served in roles ranging from a Senior Business Analyst to Senior Project Manager, implementing Infrastructure and Software Development solutions in the Construction and Performing Arts sectors.


Steven Rudd

Vice President

Steven serves as UPA’s Vice President. During his 10 years at UPA, Steven leads the creation and execution of UPA’s sales strategy. Since 2008, Steven has held multiple executive leadership roles at UPA, overseeing the business development, marketing and account management organizations. Prior to UPA, Steven served as the General Manager of an export company and the Manager of Media Placement and Advertising Finance at a Grocery retailer.  Steven holds a Business Marketing Degree and an MBA.

nick garner

Nick Garner

Director, Call Center

Nick serves as UPA’s Call Center Director, responsible for UPA’s Call Center Operations for Sales and Customer Service, including management of key personnel. Nick overseas preparation of month end Financial Reports, Trend Reports and monthly Profitability Analysis. Nick has over 10 years of experience managing Inbound / Outbound Call Center solutions in the Energy, Insurance and Finance sectors.  Nick’s prior experience includes positions as a Call Center Manager, Inside Salesperson and Quality Assurance Supervisor.


Ed Schwalbach

Director, Internal Operations

Ed serves as UPA’s Director of Internal Operations, responsible for the planning, directing, organizing, and overseeing UPA’s operations and facilities management.  Prior to joining UPA, Ed served as the Vice President of Warehousing and Transportation for Purity Wholesale, based in Indianapolis, IN.  and held the role of Operation Manager at Market Logistics, based in Greenville, SC.   Ed holds an Associate’s degree in Aviation / Transportation Business Management and has over 25 years of experience in overall Operations Management. 

wendy burch

Wendy Burch

Chief Financial Officer

Wendy is UPA’s CFO, charged with managing UPA’s financial staff and overseeing the day-to-day planning, implementation, managing and controlling of all financial related activities at UPA, including finance policies, internal controls, compliance and reporting.  Wendy has over 25 years of experience.  Prior to joining UPA, Wendy served as Accounting Manager at Jack Heckman Tube Company and CFO of Burch Advantage Computing. 

Angela Henson

Angela Henson

Director, Human Resources

Angela servers as UPA’s Chief Human Resource Officer, responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the administrative functions of UPA’s Human Resource and Payroll functions.  Angela oversees recruitment, hiring, and compliance.  She plays an integrral part managing employee relations and serves as the liaison between management and UPA’s employees. 


Aaron Bailey

Director, Project Delivery

Aaron serves as UPA’s Director of Contract Management.  His team serves as the primary point of contact to all of UPA’s customers nationwide.  Aaron’s oversees the development and administration of UPA’s contracts and Scope of Work for all projects and plays an instrumental role in all phases of project planning, mobilization and deployment.  Aaron is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and has over 20 years of experience in Utility and Construction industries. 


Josh Collins

Director, Software Development

Josh has over 13 years of management experience spanning across 45+ projects and serves as UPA’s Director of Software Development & Data Analytics.  Josh is responsible for scope definition, project planning, change control, integration and release management.  Josh is a graduate of Illinois Central College and served as a Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist in the Army National Guard.  

David Stodolak

Marlin Debramaletta

Manager, Environmental Health & Safety

Marlin is UPA’s Manager, Environmental Health & Safety and plays an integral role in planning, developing and establishing effective standards and performance measurements relating to the safety and training of UPA’s employees. Marlin is a certified OSHA 10 & 30-hour Instructor.

dennis rycroft

Dennis Rycroft

Home Services Manager

Dennis serves as UPA’s Home Services Manager, responsible for managing UPA’s Home Warranty Programs.  Prior to joining UPA, Dennis served as a Supervisor for a regional provider of Home Warranty Services in the State of Florida.


Mark Miller

Director, Proposals, Estimates & Contracts

Mark serves as UPA’s Senior Proposals Manager, responsible for leading, managing and supervising UPA’s client proposal development and delivery process. Mark provides overall management and supervision of the proposal team, in coordination with UPA’s executive team and department managers, to submit proposals that are priced fairly and competitively, demonstrate UPA’s capabilities to perform the requested services, and are submitted to clients on time and with all required content.  Prior to joining UPA, Mark served as Controller for a mortgage lender in South Carolina.   He holds a Master’s Degree in Accounting from the University of South Carolina and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame.