Work Order Management

Deployment Automation System (DAS) is UPA’s custom SaaS Work Order Management and automation software for Utility Field Service Management. Designed and developed by UPA’s engineers, we’ve developed DAS with flexibility in mind, allowing for rapid configuration, customization and deployment.

We’ve serviced over 75 various Electric, Gas, Water, Home utility customers with customer populations, ranging in volume from 5,000 to over 5,000,000. Easily customized workflows, forms, reports and templates provide a managed solution to your business process. DAS boosts efficiency and fully integrates with various CRM, Accounting and ERP systems.

Our mobile handsets are rugged, weather-resistant devices equipped with high-resolution digital imagery, barcode scanning for inventory control and GPS collection. UPA’s custom software utilizes Microsoft Windows Mobile and Android technology. It enables real-time data access to enhance analysis and decision-making and features:

  • Fully customizable workflows

  • Intelligent route optimization

  • Automated data collection

  • Field verified auditing and QA

  • Integrated call center, scheduling and dispatching interfaces

  • Customizable reporting

Data Management

Manage what you measure

Successful data management lies at the intersection of process, technology and analysis. UPA measures and manages the extensive data collected during a project. UPA’s customizable Dashboard reports make it easy for clients to see results for route saturation and closures, completed work orders, inventory control and daily production and inventory distribution and reconciliation.