In-Home & Support Services

Extend your Reach
More than just a deployment company, UPA supports key processes associated with customer support and smart grid rollouts.  Clients gain access to proven best practices and economies of scale, with a financial model that offers significant advantages over in-house management.

Home Warranty Programs
UPA provides clients with revenue- and brand-building channels without significant additional investment. Once established, these outsourced programs run automatically and seamlessly, providing:

  • Significant income to the utility without rate increases
  • Perceived high-value services to energy consumers
  • Increased name recognition across the supply chain
  • Rapid response to customer emergencies
  • Positive customer service experience
  • Utility brand loyalty

Marketing & Outreach
At the core of our support services lies a templated marketing engine that takes the guesswork out of consumer promotions. The result: a compelling customer offer that is market-ready and easy to implement.

We also offer other specialized support services such as:

  • Pre-deployment Consulting
  • GPS Coordinate Collection
  • Repair & Replacement
    • Meter base, meter lid, broken screw
  • Disposal & Recycling

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