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July 15, 2015

Utility Partners of America selected to perform AMI Meter Installation Services throughout the City of San Bruno, CA

UPA was selected to provide the City of San Bruno with meter installation services. UPA will install a Sensus FlexNet system which includes  approximately 11,000

June 15, 2015

Utility Partners of America selected by IGS Energy to provide Call Center services

UPA will provide call center services, schedule appointments, dispatch service calls, and provide basic customer support for IGS Energy Home Services. UPA will manage the

May 15, 2015

Utility Partners of America selected to perform meter Installation services in the City of Long Beach, CA

UPA is providing the City of Long Beach, CA - Gas & Oil Department (CLB) installation services related to gas meters and gas meter regulators in support of CLB’s Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) project. The project will consist of three phases: a planning/advisory Phase, a Proof of Concept Phase and a Full Deployment Phase. Utility Partners of America (UPA) will provide installation services, contract management, field-project management, inventory management, data management, call center services and a quality assurance program. UPA will also offer inventory management services, a uniform vehicle fleet, tools, uniforms, personal protective equipment, performance reports and UPA's Work Order Management System (WOMS), titled Deployment Automation System (DAS). UPA will install Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) equipped water and gas meters and AMI SmartPoints manufactured by Sensus.

About Long Beach Gas & Oil Department

Established in 1924, the natural gas utility under the Long Beach Gas & Oil Department (LBGO) provides service to approximately 500,000 residents and businesses in the cities of Long Beach and Signal Hill.

April 30, 2015

Utility Partners of America selected for Pipeline Safety Enhancement Program for Southern California Gas

Utility Partners of America (UPA) is providing Southern California Gas Company (SCG), a Sempra Energy Utility, a cost effective yard management solution for SCG’s Pipeline

March 30, 2015

Utility Partners of America selected by Greenlots for Tier 1 Customer Support (EV Charging Stations)

Utility Partners of America, LLC (UPA) provides tier 1 customer support to customers of DC Fast Charging stations networked through Greenlots. This support includes 24/7 support calls from EV drivers and providing real time resolution to the issue, or routing the issue through an escalation process. UPA is currently supporting DC Fast Charging stations for the following customers BC Hydro, SoCal Edison, SMUD, Southern Companies, Kia Motors, and Nissan Motors.

Call support services include:
Greenlots Account Setup
CC Payment Processing
Charge Session Startup/Stop
Mobile Application Troubleshooting
Charge Station Troubleshooting.

About Greenlots

Greenlots offers an easy way to set up intelligent charging infrastructure for EVs at home, work or in public places that help make the grid more efficient and save consumers money. The company provides low cost networked solutions which help car park owners, employers, municipalities, utilities, automotive and other businesses the ability to own and operate their own EV charging network for slow, medium and fast charging. Since 2008, Greenlots has sold systems in 13 countries and is privately held.